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DPSA VacanciesThe DPSA is one of South African’s biggest employers and as such is able to supply an unparalleled selection of job opportunities.

Check Out CV Formats

Check out the Internet for recently suggested CV formats and make sure yours fits somewhere within the suggested guidelines, it is always a good idea to include a photo. Check thoroughly for spelling mistakes and words that have been repeated too many times.

Presentation is Key

Print out your CV on high quality paper and present it fully bound, the HR department of the DPSA is busy and to ensure your CV gets to the top of the pile and is looked at make sure it looks good.. Presentation is really important, the interviewer has only a short time to decide on your capabilities and like-ability and these decisions can be made very quickly and it would seem on insignificant details such as a well-planned and easy to read CV.

Sell Yourself

Whether you like sales or not when attending an interview you essentially selling yourself to the company or in this case DPSA Vacancies and you have to do everything in your power to convince them that you are the right candidate for their organization. Know in advance that interviewers are well connected people as people are their business and they will have done their homework on you. So equip yourself in advance clean up your social profiles, make sure your Facebook page and twitter account is acceptable for the general public and provides a good overall profile of you.

How can You make a difference to the DPSA?

Before you go for your interview, make sure you research the organization and have an idea of how you can make a difference to it, how are you going to add value? What is so special about you? These are the types of questions the interviewer will ask. Try to get an understanding of the working of the DPSA and where you would see yourself fitting into the organization, know this in advance as you will be asked.

Dress to Win that prize Job

Dress appropriately for the interview, it is much better to be overdressed than under-dressed, Google the organization and find out the general ethos of the environment, this should provide you with relevant information.

Time on Your Side

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time for the interview, try to be relaxed and yet attentive. Be approachable in your manner neither too casual nor too distant as this might be construed as arrogance. Be aware of your body language, answer questions thoroughly and pleasantly whist maintaining eye contact.

Interesting people are Interested…

Have a few questions prepared, perhaps about the company’s expansion plans or evolving technologies. Be interested and inquiring. Always thank the interviewer for their time and conclude the interview with a handshake. We wish you the best of luck in your journey into the future and hopefully a full time career with the DPSA.

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